YOUR CONSULTANT IS Alicia Pavlik (Brown)

My Story

For years I have loved the smell of candles throughout my home, especially ones from "Party Lite".  I was a PL junkie!  I never had enough tea lites or votives. 

Eight years, my sons sitter introduced me to Scentsy.  I always wondered how she kept her home smelling  so good each time I walked into it.  She sent me home with a warmer & some scents one day & I was instantly hooked.  No other candles ever compared to what I sampled from Scentsy.  The lasting scent & the safeness of using a warmer was so appealing.  I was unable to safely enjoy my candles anymore with 2 boys & 2 cats running around the house, so Scentsy was perfect. 

Since I fell in love with the products, I decided I had to share it with others & became a consultant myself.  I have never had more fun sharing something I love.  I still get excited to see what the next warmer & scent of the month are going to be each & every month.  Each time a new catalog comes out Scentsy still continues to "WOW" me.

I hope you consider seeing what Scentsy is all about, & if you already have I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  Scentsy has been fun & so easy to share & sell to others.  Contact me if you'd like to learn how to start your own Scentsy business.